What the ‘Wheel of Diversity’ is

“I believe great decisions come from gathering and valuing diverse perspectives,” Atlee said. “But how do we include diversity in our daily practice?”

That’s where the Wheel of Diversity comes in. Meant to be used as a tool, this wheel maps out the different perspectives each person can bring to the table.Diversity Wheel

  • The inner wheel contains ‘inherent dimensions’ that we have no control over, many of which we are born with.
  • The outer wheel includes ‘acquired dimensions’ that we have a bit more control over, and that change over the course of our lifetime.

Whether it’s a religious belief, biological trait, or a lived experience, Atlee explained, it’s important to understand your individual perspective and what you bring to a team that’s unique. And for those in positions of leadership, it’s important to understand where each of your team members come from.

“This is a visual gut check on who you’re bringing to the decision table,” Atlee added.

When we value diversity while making daily decisions, it trickles down (and even up).